Talley Road PID

Brown and Ortiz, on behalf of Gordon Hartman’s development arm, the Talley Road Special Improvement District was created by Bexar County on December 4, 2018 pursuant to Ch. 382 of the Texas Local Government Code (a “Super PID”) for approximately 232 acres generally located East of Cartwright Trail and Talley Road, in San Antonio’s ETJ. The Talley Road PID’s original project boundaries allotted for approximately 1,200 single-family homes, ROW dedication, major onsite and offsite improvements totaling $64.5 million. Brown and Ortiz handled all aspects of the creation from petition and application compilation/submittal to every public hearing through creation.

Within approximately 60 days of the Talley Road PID’s creation, Brown and Ortiz compiled and filed the City and County’s first ever application for a PID expansion to add approximately 204 acres to the original PID boundaries, alongside the ability to develop approximately 1,000 more single-family homes throughout the PID boundaries with approximately $37.76 million more in improvement costs.

From inception to City approval (with first amendment) of the Development Agreement and final County approval of the Finance Agreement, including a PID Confirmation Election, Brown and Ortiz was able to guide the creation and expansion of the Talley Road PID, fully hands-on with all aspects from drafting to negotiating to presenting, within 9 months.