Land Entitlements

We are experts in handling land entitlements, from platting and subdivision of land to zoning and vested rights.

Brown & Ortiz, P.C. Attorneys at Law - Land Entitlements

Land Entitlements in San Antonio, Texas

We possess a clear understanding of the complex challenges developers and property owners face when it comes to obtaining and verifying various land entitlements. Our team is made up of experts in handling land entitlements, from platting and subdivision of land to zoning and vested rights.

We amend plans, obtain preliminary and final approvals and otherwise guide and expedite development projects.

Our team’s continual involvement with municipal land use policy development allows us to provide quality consultation prior to submittal and through approval, guiding your project and ensuring compliance every step of the way.

Development Projects Approvals

Rezoning property for any type of development can be an involved process from application to final approval. Our extensive knowledge coupled with the strong relationships we’ve built with communities, stakeholders, elected officials and municipal staffs are critical to achieving desired outcomes and overcoming potential obstacles with ease and efficiency.

Legal Counsel for Mixed-Use Projects

We provide personal and comprehensive legal counsel to individuals and companies involved in mixed-use projects. We have experience handling developments of various complexities; from residential, commercial, retail, office, and industrial to large-scale developments exceeding 1,000 acres.

Verifying rights on your land

Chapter 245 made simple

While Chapter 245 of the Texas Local Government Code prohibits municipalities and other regulatory agencies from denying vested rights, those same municipalities and regulatory agencies do have the authority to pass/enforce additional regulations that implement Chapter 245. Our experienced team regularly assists property owners and developers with obtaining Vested Rights, or a Rights Determination, by way of verifying the establishment of certain rights, justifying acknowledgement by the governing authority, and solidifying regulations applicable to their project that are in effect at the time the initial permit is filed.



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